The Story

Quick Trigger Brewing Company was founded by Brenda and Lou Velazquez in 2017. Lou began his hobby of home brewing in 2011 and submitted his first beer, a lemongrass wheat, to the North Carolina State Fair and won a blue ribbon. After owning Mug Shotz Cafe since 2002, they finally decided to expand their business by adding Quick Trigger Brewing Company.

We are asked on many occasions where the name “Quick Trigger” came from. Sit back and enjoy the story!

It was 2005 and Brenda was asked by a family friend to go with them to pick out a kitten from the local animal shelter. Brenda asked her daughter Kerstyn to join them and off they went with strict instructions from Lou to not bring any more animals home. When they arrived at the animal shelter, they laid eyes on a fluffy black lab mix laying in a crate. The puppies mom had given birth on the side of the road after her collar became hung on a wooden post. She, along with her 3 puppies, were rescued and brought to the animal shelter. Of course they had to hold him and it didn’t take long for them to decide that he was going home with them.

To make a super long story short, that was Trigger. He came into the Velazquez home and won over everyone’s heart (including Lou’s!) He was a faithful companion, a protector and just as much a part of the family as Brenda and Lou’s children were. Trigger was fast as lightning and could smell a tennis ball from a mile away! He had a quirky personality and an old soul. Unfortunately, Trigger fell ill and after months of testing and medication, it was determined that he had irreversible liver failure. The family was devastated and did all that they could to give him a comfortable and happy life. 6 months after his diagnosis, he crossed the rainbow bridge.

In honor of Trigger comes Quick Trigger Brewing Company. IMG_0511